FG25: Post Fight: Fortuna

Mandag, 21. maj 2012 22:54 Jesper S. Baek

Philip Fortuna var blandt de 11 kæmpere, som kunne tage en sejr med hjem fra Fightergalla 25 i forrige weekend. Trods sejren, var der ikke jubel i fra Philip, tværtimod, så han en smule utilfreds ud.

IMG 3536Vi så ikke Philip juble i lørdags

Det måtte vi have en forklaring på, så vi talte med Philip i lørdags efter kampen... You seemed a bit unhappy about the win, what was the reason?
Philip: I was a little dissapointed with my striking, I think I was a little gun shy. I felt my striking was a lot better than his, and I thought it was going to be the root to success to this one, but I think I let him psyke me out of my comfort zone with his odd movements. I knew he was going to do some funky shit, but I let it faze me too much. I was happy to win ofcourse, but it wasn't the way I wanted to win. Did you want to prove something?
Philip: Mostly to myself. It's more the mental aspect of it, that I am interested in. I was a bit unhappy with him being able to dictate the the stand up phase. He actually landed like an overhand punch, and he was dictating and getting into my mind, instead of me going in on overdrive and steamrolling him.
I realised my mind just wasn't there for the stand up, so I switched it up and took a different route and won that way.

IMG 3467Philip Fortuna vs. Aron J. Bland (FG 25) Have you been working on your ground game in camp?
Philip: I haven't really been working on my ground game that much. I have been working on it more though, because I've recently let it lapidate, so I've gotten back into it. The main focus on this fight,  was my striking and takedown defense, because I knew I was going to wrestle with him. I love the ground game and it's always there as a back-up plan.
When everything else fails, Jiu Jitsu is always going to save your ass. Congratulations on the win, and thanks for taking your time to speak to us.
Philip: Thanks man.

I forbindelse med Fightergalla 25, lavede Jyllands-Posten to korte dokumentarer omkring Philips forberedelser. De er absolut anbefalelsesværdige, så her et et par links til sagerne:

Fortuna JP1

Fortuna JP2


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